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It is important to ask for what you want. Working with an Orthotropics orthodontist, Dr. Gibbs of Michigan.

Yesterday marked 2 months into treatment with my orthodontic work. I had been expanding the upper arch with a removable appliance (a type of biobloc) here is the picture of the appliance. .  Notice the hinge at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Mada’s new videos, Inspirations.

Eliza Mada Dalian, I’ve known about her for quite some time, today I found new videos from her that I resonate with so I thought I’d share them on here as well. I feel that one of life’s main journey … Continue reading

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Importance of Chewing

taken from one of Dr. Mike Mew’s Facebook posts “Scientifically it has been proven that muscle and bone will develop to their limits provided there is function. As an example, a child runs and plays to develop his or her … Continue reading

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Son of John Mew, Dr. Mike Mew Provides New Insights, and Power of Prayer

I have been praying for a few answers, basically what I do is “I live in the questions and allow myself to walk up on the answers”. Sitting in silence and just asking the universe the questions, sitting with the … Continue reading

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