Dowsing via Pendulum Experience and its application to self-NCR?

If you have been following my blog you would know that I have been learning and experimenting with self treatment NCR (neurocranial-restructuring), where I insert finger cot (tiny balloons) affixed to a pressure bulb, insert it into my sinus cavities and expand, allowing it to ever so slightly cause expansion inside my skull. releasing connective tissue tension. and causing changes to the shape of the skull towards more ideal structures.

(I am not teaching this technique, atleast for now, because of my lack of understanding,skill,knowledge. for more information I would go here:

Anyways I’ve been checking the forums of the above site from time to time, and also been talking to the site owner who taught me how to do this, and the topic of using muscle testing to determine which passageways to treat/expand the balloon into for the day came up.

I thought this was interesting because I was aware of Koren Specific Technique ( in which the body tells the doctor where to treat.

Well this was sort of similar…

For those of you unfamiliar with what muscle testing is, its the idea that the body knows stuff that the human intellect doesn’t, or the higher self knows pretty much everything (if you buy into the idea that in the higher dimensions there exists no time, so the higher self has access to all things that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen, in infinite web of possibilities,etc)

Or the idea that the body can not tell a lie, so the body becomes the ultimate lie detector. If you tell a false statement, the muscles become weak and that is the basis of muscle testing.

Now some people reap incredible benefits with muscle testing and dowsing. If you are unfamiliar I suggest you go to Youtube and check out some videos or this interview of Drunvalo Melchizedek in the interview somewhere he describes his encounter with dowsing. in which a game was played where one person will hide a piece of corn somewhere in the house and while the other guy had his eyes closed but that guy could find the piece of corn without fail every time using dowsing rods.

And this other guy could find stolen cars just buy using pendulum and rods to ask the higher self where the stolen car was on the Map and the rods and pendulums would point to where the stolen car was.

How is this possible? I am inclined to believe that there is part of our awareness that knows everything that is going on around you at all times we just filter that part of our awareness out to have our human experience. However when we walk into a super market, we “think” we only see what is in front of us. but there is part of our awareness, I believe,, that sees and is aware of every corner of that supermarket even before turning the corner.

if that part of us can find a stolen car, even though we’ve never even seen the car ourselves, let alone where it was stolen to. then surely that part of us can tell us if it is okay to treat ourselves with self-NCR for the day and in which passageway to treat for the day…

Anyways for the past few months, I have been using a pendulum to dowse which passageway to treat for the day and I have been getting yes or no answers to determine which passageways to treat and have been following them. I believe I am continuing to see positive results from the treatment, possibly even better results from previous technique. Which was to expand the entire one side (Top,Middle,Bottom) one day then do the whole other side the next day. Left and Right alternating between days. That means at least 3 expansion minimum for the day.

With dowsing, I am finding that I am only required to expand once or twice a day. and sometimes they are not all on one side. Sometimes its like Top left and Top Right.

My dowsing equipment is a simple nut from hardware store tied to a piece of string, that goes through the middle of the nut.

I ask the following questions for self-NCR.

questions like “Is it optimal to treat myself today with self-NCR?”

if response is yes, “is it optimal to go to the right side?” “left side?”

“Top right?” “Middle Right?” “Bottom Right passageway?”

etc, sometimes the pendulum would tell me to treat two passageways for the day. for example Top right and Top Left.
Somedays just one.

How do you know if the responses are coming from the higher self and not influenced by your mind?

I don’t know…for sure. I’ve just been learning to trust the answers I get.

But a few days ago, something pretty remarkable happened with my pendulum testing.

See I don’t really use the pendulum much, other than testing for self-NCR purposes.

but the other day, I was at my apartment and the black trashbags that I had taped all over my bedroom widow had come off. Because my blinds are really bad and during the night, street light just pours into my bedroom,making it hard to sleep with the orange glow that’s in the room. I like to sleep in the dark. I have read that it is important to sleep in a pitch black room, the pineal gland can only truly rest in a pitch black room.

So I had more black trashbags but I had lost my duck tape. I looked for it all over the apartment and couldn’t find it. I had looked for this duck tape before and was unable to find it last time I searched. But I knew I bought it and had it somewhere.

I decided to use dowsing to find this tape.

Note for me: When the nut starts to spin clockwise it’s a Yes. When it begins to spin counter clockwise it’s a No.

So here is how the questioning process went:

“Do I have tape in this apartment?” (Answer: yes)

“Is it in my bedroom?” (Yes)

“Is it in my closet of my bedroom?” (No)

“Is it on the carpet floor in my bedroom?” (Yes)

ok so at this point, I just went into my room and searched the floor for the tape. I had some clothes laying around so I picked them up to see if it was under some clothes…no and then I check under the bed and to my surprise I find a small scotch tape, On the carpet floor of my bedroom!!

The pendulum has helped me find a scotch tape for me…but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

When asking for questions in Dowsing, it is important to be specific!!! I asked to find tape and it just found a tape but not the duck tape I was looking for.

SO I went back to my desk and begin dowsing again.

“Not this scotch tape I am holding, but the duck tape I had, the duck tape I am thinking of right now, is that duck tape still in this apartment?” (Answer: Yes)

“Is it in my bedroom?” (No)

“Is it in my bathroom?” (No)

“Is it in my living room?” (No)

“Is it in my kitchen?” (YES)

“When looking out from this direction, Is it somewhere at the right side of the kitchen?” (No)

“Is it the left side?” (Yes)

At this point I could of easily just went my kitchen to the left side and started looking. But I wanted to test this out further.

“Is the duck tape in one of the cabinets or drawers?” (yes)

“Is it in one of the drawers at waist level or below waist level?” (No)

“Is it in one of the cabinets above the waist level?” (yes)

and then I just asked “From the wall, is it the first cabinet?” (No)

“The second?” (no)

“The third?” (no)

“Is my duck tape in the last cabinet, the fourth cabinet from the wall?” (YES)

at this point, with great anticipation, I leaped out of my chair, and went to that cabinet, opened it. and to my amazement. There it was. The duck tape.

What a great experiment this was! It was lots of fun. and It has helped to build my trust and confidence in dowsing as a real thing.

dowsing people talk of not giving up with dowsing and keep trying it. as you try it more and more and build experience your confidence with dowsing will go up. This is key!!

I tried some testing months ago and it didn’t give great results,but I kept trying it here and there. but now this result was pretty phenomenal.

What I have learned through this experience is that it is important to just keep using it and trying it. Even if you get disappointing results at first which the dowsing wasn’t able to get you the correct answers.

Now I hardly ever dowse, I’m not one of those people that carry it everywhere they go, but  I was still experiencing this great result! so I am not saying you have to dowse a lot and practice everyday to get good at it. I hardly ever do, only for self-NCR… I’m just saying to keep using it from time to time, and one day its results may surprise and shock you quite a bit.

also the idea that we can open a line of communication to our higher self is pretty fucking cool as well!!

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