Trusting the Being

Lessons on completely trusting the Being.

I heard this beautiful quote today by Burt Harding so I thought I’d share.

“If your walking in the desert, and your dying of thirst.. but you’re completely convinced that the being is going to take care of you… A fountain will appear.”

“You’re always taken care of. The power of being is incredible. But the slightest doubt or fear will block it.”

“So all we are learning all the time is to be in alignment with the Being.”

recently my ability to just Be, in the moment here and now is deepening. My ability to witness my thoughts, my fears, my insecurities.. I am understanding that is all I have to really do. Just see what is going on inside.

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4 Responses to Trusting the Being

  1. Hi, how many mm did you expand on the bottom and how long did it take? (Actual millimeters, not the number of turns on the appliance.) Thanks in advance!

    • I’m not sure right now how many mm I have expanded so far on the bottom. I am still expanding the bottom. So maybe after it is all said and done I’ll have a specific number for you.

      • Thanks for your answer! Did you get any gaps between the bottom teeth due to expansion? Does it seem like the molars are expanding as well or just the lower front teeth?

        Sorry for all the questions. ;) Your blog has helped me a lot though and I’m looking forward to updates (I’m sure I’m not the only one). Expanding the lower has been slow going for me.

      • Yes I am expanding the molars as well. The bottom does take longer since the bone has to remodel around the molars and slowly expand.

        I am going pretty slowly at this point. THe problem is if you go too fast then you begin to tip the teeth instead of actually expanding the jaw bone.

        Yes I have pretty noticeable/big gaps between where my bicuspids used to be. I will post some photos soon.

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