A college student embarking on a personal journey of authentic transformation.

Alchemy. Consider that through imprinted programming and ongoing self-hypnosis we now collectively believe that transformation is only possible by deliberately changing what is happening – by first stopping whatever it is we seek to change, then redirecting its flow according to what we assume is appropriate. Consider that an alchemist is a human who discovers the consequence of radiating unconditional beingness throughout all their ongoing active interactions with creation. Consider that meeting such an individual is always a transformational experience. Consider that an alchemist is one who knows that nothing transforms through interference – that one cannot ‘fight cancer’ or ‘fight crime’ or ‘fight poverty’ – and accomplish anything other than more fighting. Consider that an alchemist is one who has perfected the art of participating fully and actively in all aspects of their experience – yet all the while holding as their inner intent the resonance and radiance of not-interfering beingness. Consider that having no faith in the resonance of beingness is the same as having no faith in what we are. ”

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  1. Kristen says:

    Good luck with your reverse orthodontics. I had the same experience back in the 80s with similar disastrous results. I wish I had found out as quickly. Instead I suffered with UARS for years and never understood what was the problem (I don’t fit the profile for a sleep disorder). I am also having the whole thing reversed (Dr Hang). Great work on your site and sharing your story. I am working on a non-profit to get the word out about UARS and the risks of traditional orthodontics. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to join a group of us that plans to lobby for better oversight in this field. Kristen

  2. Curious says:

    Hi, I didn’t find any way to contact you privately so I’m just gonna ask you here. Could you please tell me if you saw any changes when using the face pulling technique described on this site:http://www.jawpain-tmjtreatment.com/ ?
    Do you think the 30 mins a day recommended is sufficient compared to the 14 hours recommended for ” the crane”? Which method do you think is best? Thanks.

    • Yes I did see changes with the face pulling technique as taught by the jawpain-tmjtrement page. It is hard to say at this point which method is best, I’ve only been doing the crane for a month now, but I feel like I am seeing better results with the crane so I will continue to treat with it.

      Even Ian’s doctor, Dr. Amir has told me through email that Ian was wearing the helmet for many hours a day. Although I don’t doubt that you can create change with only 30 min a day, for what I am trying to do, which is bring the maxilla forward in the face, not just pull the whole face forward. It may be the case where more than 30 min a day is needed.

      Still this is all speculative.

  3. Curious says:

    Thanks for answering my questions. I’m about to start with the crane treatment, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to sleep with it, since I normally sleep on my side. Have you had trouble sleeping with it? Good luck with your treatment btw.

    • you should be fine, I sleep with it alright. Even sleeping on my side at times with it.
      Sometimes since I move around alot in sleep the rubber bands snap while asleep, so it helps to have extra rubber bands hooked so when u wake up half asleep u can re-attach the another set of rubber bands again while in bed.

  4. Curious says:

    I’m also very interested in knowing how much forward lengthening of the maxilla I should expect per month. How much lenghtening in mm did you see approximately your first month with the crane compared to the face pulling helmet device?

  5. ssanwar says:

    Where can i get the crane? And how does it compare to the face pulling helmet. I am currently using that.

  6. ssanwar says:

    Where can i get the crane? I am currently using the face pulling device. How does it compare to that?

  7. A says:

    Where can i get the crane. I am currently using the face pulling helmet. How does the crane compare to this?

    • orthodontists can order the crane.
      It is hard to say. Plato’s site clearly shows excellent results with the helmet treatment.

      I am also seeing changes with the crane as well.

  8. r says:

    Hi, I appreciate your blog, it has helped me in some ways. I can relate to you in some ways, because I also have facial and body assymetry. It’s not extreme, but I can feel it. I’m writing this because I’d like to share some resources I came along the way, that may be useful for you.

    open focus, by les fehmi. this method is amazing, it focuses on how we use our attention. believe me, it’s life changing. combined with the presence process is veeeery powerful.

    wake up productive, by eben pagan. this focuses on productivity and time/energy management. This guy is amazing.

    tacfit, by scott sonnon. this is a type of physical training, that also incorporates some yoga. you can check it out.

    multiorgasmic lover, by jim benson. amazing program about sexual energy mastery.

    craniosacral therapy. you may wanna check it out (i’ve also tried ncr and atlas therapy), it has helped me a lot with the flow of air in my left nostril, which was 90% blocked.

    that’s it, hope you find some of this information useful.

  9. Sandy says:

    In -depth interview with Dr. Dean Howell who does face pulling. Lots of detail here

  10. ruthie says:

    Hi there!

    Live in Michigan and looking to help my son and myself. My son seems to be a candidate for biobloc. I’m nervous but I have many issues myself, tmj, facial and cranial asymmetry and want to do the best for my son while he is still growing. I saw another specialist for the biobloc, seems knowledgeable, wondering how it is to wear and if a child would mind wearing it? My son also has cranial asymmetry. I’ve done CST and NCR with no noticeable results. My son will not tolerate NCR any longer, he hates it, and I don’t have the money for the procedure plus travel that it requires for the number of times he would still have to go. Wondering if you might have any other ideas?



    • Not sure who in Michigan you saw that is offering Biobloc, The only one I know is Dr. Gibbs at Dr. Stepanovich’s office.
      John Stepanovich, DDS
      General Dentist
      260 Jefferson Ave
      Grand Rapids, MI 49503
      Tel. (616) 459-1267

      They have been doing Biobloc since the early 90s. And have flown in Dr. Mew several times to Michigan to study with him and do courses. They know what they are doing but I urge you to keep researching on this as I had to tell Dr. Gibbs several times that I wanted to expand more than what he thought was possible at such an advanced age, I’m 24. but I kept on pressing him to go along with my plans and we are expanding far more than what he had originally planned. I keep seeing positive changes towards more face symmetry as I continue to expand the palate little by little.

      My guess is that both you and your son could benefit from palate expansion work. If you child is still young, he would be lucky to receive biobloc treatment, there really is nothing in comparison in orthodontic treatment that I have seen that comes even close to the techniques behind biobloc.

      Most orthodontist out there are stuck in the stone ages. It is shocking.

      You are lucky to live in Michigan, I would get a consultation with Dr. Gibbs.

  11. marvin says:

    I read that you were waiting for a dna appliance and i am so happy for your sake.
    I live in sweden and our dental community is ass backwards, immune to this new style of approaching small palates.
    Anyway, I was treated the old/only way and had 2 teeth extracted and had braces for a good while with the typical outcome, jaw misaligned, tmj, sleep apnea, sunken look, breathing difficulties due to collapsed airways, flat cheeks etc etc.
    How would I go about ordering a dna appliance to use on myself?
    All the sites i have encountered require a dentists or doctors prescription to order one. Maybe you can help a fellow struggler?

    Best regards from sweden. Keep it up.

    • sorry I don’t have any information on how to go about getting these ex pander appliance by yourself.

      I myself am going through this process with an orthodontist.

      Certainly the process I’m going through it would not be possible to do on my own. As I had 4 bicuspids extracted and now going through process of re-opening the gaps. So monthly check up and adjustments are made to guide the process along, so its not just a simple process of expanding the appliance. we are also moving the teeth out that was pulled back prior to close the extraction spaces.

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